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Queen Victoria

Gracious Elegance In The 21st Century.

Queen Victoria Bridge Cam

What Drives Her

Propulsion: Six diesel engines, four sixteen cylinder engines, and two twelve cylinder engines. The diesel engines are built by Wartsilia and are of the sulzer ZA40 design. Each cylinder has a bore of 400mm with a piston stroke of 560mm. The combined power of all of the engines is 63.4MW. Queen Victoria's cruising speed is 18 knots and has a maximum speed of 23.7 knots.

Podded Propulsion: Queen Victoria is propelled by two podded drive propulsors manufactured in by ABB in Finland. Each AZIPOD has a fixed pitch propeller and the combination of varying the speed of the propeller and the ability to rotate the pods independently through 360 degrees provides steering and manoeuvrability. Each pod absorbs a maximum power of 17.6MW.

Thrusters:The ship has three bow thrusters each absorbing a maximum power of 2.2MW.

Anchors:There are three high holding power anchors each weighing 11 tons. Two will be working anchors, the third being a spare and is mounted on the forward open space of Deck 4. The chain cable has a diameter of 95mm. and the ship carries a total of 742.5 metres - about two and a half times the ship's length.

Queen Victoria's Sea Trials

Queen Victoria docked at Maderia