Purser's Office

Queen Elizabeth 2010

The Elizabethan Era Continues.

Propulsion: 6 x Mak M43C Diesel Engines.

Podded Propulsion: 2 ABB AZIPODS

Thrusters: 3 Fincantieri Riva Trigosa Thrusters.

Anchors: There are three high holding power anchors each weighing 11 tons. Two will be working anchors, the third being a spare and is mounted on the forward open space of Deck 4. The chain cable has a diameter of 95mm. and the ship carries a total of 742.5 metres - about two and a half times the ship's length.

Bridge: The Bridge is located on Deck 8, some 26 metres above sea level. It has a span of 36 metres and is equipped with the latest navigational aids.

Queen Elizabeth Crew Photo

Watch the Pre-Launch Crew Video